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2021-11-13 07:50:55 By : Mr. JC Chan

Author: Lincoln Anderson | A pile of artificial turf mats and picnic tables on the dock two miles away can help make up for the loss of 60 acres of land in East River Park. At least, this is the stadium of City Hall.

Last week, the Parks Bureau announced the addition of some new lawn rectangles and picnic tables at the Waterside Pier between E. 38th Street and 41st Street.

The concrete deck dock now has eight artificial turf mats, most of which are approximately 20 feet x 60 feet in size, and a small carpet measuring 20 feet x 20 feet. There are also seven picnic tables. In addition, some colorful geometric shapes have been spray-printed in dots around the dock deck.

The waterfront terminal facility is part of a wider introduction of artificial turf to make up for the loss of Donghe Park by providing alternative park leisure space if the disputed East Coast disaster prevention project continues. ESCR will affect East River Park for at least five years, and approximately half of the one-mile-long waterfront park will be closed for construction at any given time. The project will cut down nearly 1,000 mature trees.

At around 7pm last Wednesday, the use of the Waterside Pier was almost the same as usual. People are jogging on it. Several people were relaxing on the benches by the water. No one uses the new picnic table. It is undeniable that the sun has set, and the sky is already dark. The plastic grass cubes are empty except for a man playing with his dog in one of them.

Gregory Thom, 33, is studying biodiversity and genetics. He lives in a dorm at New York University Hospital a few blocks away. He is playing hide-and-seek with Joy, his Shetland Sheepdog. He was stunned when he learned that these artificial turf patches were intended to partially replace the loss of Donghe Park, 25 blocks south.

He said that Joey likes the real grass and the dirt under his feet in the East Village/Lower East Riverside Park—he likes it too—and that the artificial turf can’t be compared to the real thing. He did not know that the downtown park would be demolished.

"This is terrible!" he said, smiling incredulously. "Usually we go there once or twice a week," he said of Donghe Park.

He said that Donghe Park, to put it simply, is the only truly large park near the East District-with real grass and trees.

"If you compare this side with the West Side, there is no park here," he added. "Sometimes we walk to the West End to enjoy the park there-it's much better."

Several others and their dogs joined Tom and Joey on the turf mat, and the dogs started fighting with each other. Thom pointed out that at some point, he expects a "Dog No Entry" sign to pop up on the turf mat. In other words, although the grass is artificial, there may be some natural deposits there.

"If I were you, I wouldn't sit on it," he warned.

Tommy Loeb is a member of East River Park ACTION, an organization that is fighting against the ESCR project. He laughed at Waterside Pier’s new turf mats and tables, "Look at the East River Park mitigation measures Carlina said. They have the guts to come. Call this design. By whom? It looks like about $100 at Home Depot."

He was referring to City Councillor Carlina Rivera (Carlina Rivera), who is a staunch supporter of resilience projects.

In addition to the waterside wharf, more artificial turf has been laid on this side of the town. On October 1, Parks announced the installation of three new fake pastures in the East Side Park, transforming the asphalt play area into a passive and active recreation area at St. Vartan Park on 36th Street and Second Avenue; Robert Moses Playground, located at 41st Street and First Avenue; and Peter's Field, located on 20th Street and Second Avenue.

In addition, artificial turf fields have been installed in Tanahey Playground, Cherry Street and Catherine Slip in the Lower East Side; and a small flower playground in Madison Street and Jefferson Street.

A Parks press release stated: “These renovations are part of the agency’s open space mitigation measures in response to the community’s demand for supplementary recreational resources during the East Coast Disaster Prevention Project-a $1.5 billion park improvement project that will save Live and provide much-needed floods to protect more than 100,000 New Yorkers in the area."

"These turf areas are a victory for the community!" said Park Commissioner Gabrielle Fialkoff. "We are very pleased to see that the new green spaces of St. Vartan Park, Robert Moses Playground and Peter's Field have been well used by park visitors who wish to play baseball or football, exercise or just enjoy the outdoors. These projects are built on our commitments. Above that, while we provide life-saving flood protection through the ESCR project, we also ensure that the surrounding communities have access to entertainment and open space."

Despite strong opposition from the East River Park Operation and 1,000 Trees 1,000 People Group and other strong opposition to the plan to destroy the park, it is vital that City Councillor Rivera still supports the restoration plan. The lawsuit to stop ESCR is also on appeal.

Rivera said: “Since we started implementing the Eastern Coastal Disaster Prevention Plan, we welcome suggestions from the community on enhancing access to other open spaces during this important project.” “Throughout the project, ensure that the affected residents have Alternative places for entertainment are crucial. I thank the Parks Bureau for quickly bringing improvements and new facilities to our beloved open space. The new turf of Peter Stadium in the second district of the Parliament, St. Vartan Park and Robert Moses’s playground, It symbolizes that while we continue to work hard to achieve climate resilience, the city continues to work hard to bring a lasting and positive impact to our community."

Maps of fields and other recreational resources in the surrounding communities of the ESCR project area can be found on the website of the Parks Bureau.

Gregory Tom, let me save you a lot of time. If, like you said, you often come to East River Park, you only need to walk a few blocks to see one of the park’s great treasures-Tompkins Square Park-in my opinion, it is better than stopping there. "Good" much to the west. Or, if you just want to communicate with nature in a beautiful environment, please visit any of our many community gardens. We are very happy to enjoy a lot of greenery in the East District, especially the Lower East District. Stay in the east. thank you very much

Compared to any other area in the city, the city center has the least natural area, so I don’t know what you’re talking about, “We’re very happy to enjoy a lot of greenery in the East Side, especially the Lower East Side.” In densely populated areas, no Enough parks crowded everyone together, which was obvious during the lockdown. This is even more important if you have children and/or dogs. On a hot summer day, gardens/grass/trees are priceless, which is one of the reasons why people are still fighting for the Elizabeth Street Garden, but for the ever-increasing housing construction, the park hardly has enough space. Public officials continue to betray us, fully demonstrating the people-oriented ethics.

Karina, you must be joking. Are you grateful to the "Park Department for quickly bringing improvements and new facilities to our beloved public space"? ? ? ? artificial turf? Improve? Yes, I think they are indeed a symbol of the city's continuous efforts. Welcome to your new plastic world, guys.

Why does the launch of this astroturf remind me of the past "let them eat cake" situation? ! Best to have the same result! ! !

We forget that we are part of nature, so we suffer from natural deficit disorder like our children and pets. This is an actual disease with the same symptoms as depression and attention deficit. We should not live on plastic grass. Plastic grass will cut off the energy that gives life to us and the earth. If you have a child or any child with autoimmune problems, please lie down/play on the grass, in the dirt-dirty! This will not happen to plastics.

If it were not so sad, plastic grass as a substitute for natural grass would be a joke. Does the New York Parks Department really think they are using plastic to build parks? ? ! This is the crucial city center, we have so few natural areas-it is not good for the people who really live here. A few minutes in nature can help the immune system reduce anxiety and even pain, but this does not happen to plastic, on the contrary.

We can get the nourishment of the earth's life force by using a more natural surface instead of becoming numb by playing on an energy-insulated turf field. The vitality connected to the earth enables us to live healthier and more energetic lives.

"But man is part of nature, and his war with nature is inevitably a war with himself." — Rachel Carson

Nonsense, put down synthetic grass to alleviate this situation. Owning plastic benches and lawns to enjoy pretending to be outdoors doesn't help. Bill de Blasio and Carlina Rivera, continue to enjoy the picnic.

Will this kind of artificial turf absorb water, or will it create more pools of water, thus forming mosquito breeding motels in warm weather? Carlina and Co. don't seem to know that Ida's death and flooding were caused by heavy rains rather than coastal waters.

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