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2021-11-13 07:49:48 By : Ms. Liz Mao

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The Charger disappeared from our town, and related to this, the NFL football from Southern California also disappeared.

Now it's just beginning: where grass has been popular for decades, the NFL has become a carpet game.

It's been so long, grass stains and dirt stains. Hello, the carpet burns and the punt bounces like a golf ball.

Pre-Kroenke Dome, any NFL team whose home is Southern California needs a lawn mower.

If the game is played in San Diego, the Chargers will only play on the grass. The prairie in the Los Angeles highway labyrinth hosted the Rams and Raiders games. Approximately 130 NFL seasons were played on the grass in Southern California-but today the Rams and Chargers flew over the carpet.

It's like playing football on a huge pool table.

The aesthetics are clean, sensible, and pristine-as plain as a mouthful of stale biscuit.

This fake grass era can be traced back to the NFL owner’s decision to allow Rams owner Stan Kroenke to move his team from St. Louis to Los Angeles and allow Deans Panos to move the Chargers north to Kroenke. A $5.5 billion stadium built by Inglewood.

The Chargers left the Mission Valley pasture. Its ancestors were the Balboa Stadium in downtown San Diego and the Los Angeles Memorial Stadium, which was the home of the first Bolt team in 1960.

The Rams have played in many venues in Los Angeles, including the stadium where the team moved from Cleveland in 1946, and the grass and dirt fields of the Baseball Angels still in Anaheim.

The Raiders roamed the thick grass of the stadium during the 13-year Los Angeles chapter where they won the only Lombard trophy in the region.

The climate of San Diego and Los Angeles: Favorable for grass.

The changing economic reality of the NFL: Not good for grassland.

There is no turf with two NFL teams; the Giants and Jets chose artificial turf in a shared stadium in New Jersey. By December, the grassland there will be razed to the ground—even better than the Jack Murphy Stadium (Mission Valley The official name of the stadium) is even more serious.

Look, green paint is sprayed on Murphy's dirt patches.

Look, about 27 years ago, on a humid January afternoon, Pete Stoyanovich lined up on a shabby, brown-green spotted surface.

With a kick to the right, Junior Seau and the Chargers beat the Miami Dolphins and scored a huge victory in Pittsburgh-entering the Super Bowl.

If the demise of grassland NFL football evokes the nostalgia of freshly cut grass, then in-depth analysis of grass and carpet is like walking into the estuary marshland.

Generally speaking, players prefer what cows and goats eat.

"For someone I know, I can't think of a person who likes to play on artificial turf on the grass," said former San Diego Charger winger Rich Ornberg, who has played for three NFL teams. "Don't get me wrong. You can have a very bad grass field, which is a problem. But if it is a brand new, well-equipped turf field, rather than a newly paved, well-maintained turf, I dare Bet, 90% of NFL players will prefer grass. It may be higher."

When NFL Players Union Chairman JC Tretter called on the NFL franchise to replace their artificial turf field with natural grass last year, he pointed out that when compared to grass, players have a 28 higher rate of non-contact lower limb injuries when playing on carpet. %. Treite cited NFL data from the 2012-18 season and pointed out that the rate of knee injuries and ankle injuries on the carpet has increased.

Treite wrote in a letter posted on the NFLPA website: "The ruthless nature of artificial turf exacerbates the physical burden we already bear when engaging in contact sports."

However, once the dollar data is processed, the concept of grass will disappear like Super Bowl confetti.

When the Chargers designed a downtown stadium in the East Village of San Diego, they abandoned their preference for grass and concluded that the versatility of the carpeted venue could better host multiple events. The Raiders are an encouraging exception. They chose a portable grass inside their Las Vegas dome, similar to the grass used by the Arizona Cardinals at their desert home, which is Ohrnberger’s favorite surface.

Trett’s criticism usually implies that when the Chargers and Rams move to carpeted venues, they increase the risk of player injury.

Former Lightning team doctor Dr. David Chao said that the quality of alternative grass must be considered in this analysis. "A well-maintained, smooth and unchewed grass is safer than a (synthetic) turf field," he said. "But grass that is uneven or has turf may not be as good as turf. Therefore, the type of surface is not absolute."

Chao estimates that an NFL team playing all home games on top grass will reduce the chance of serious knee or high ankle injuries every season compared to synthetic turf. In their second year at the Kroenke Arena, the Chargers have maintained a very good health in all nine games this year.

"In general," Chao said, "the better the foothold, the greater the risk of ACL tears or high ankle sprains. That's why there are fewer injuries in bad rain games under the feet."

For local grass football fans, professional tips:

View the Aztecs in 2022. The stadium being built in the East Mission Valley will have grass.

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