A thief wearing a bucket hat was caught by CCTV from the artificial grass in the front garden-Manchester Evening News

2021-11-13 07:50:42 By : Ms. Yanan Qin

"I just don't understand why no one sees a person walking down the street with a roll of straw."

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A thief with a big mouth and a bucket hat stole a piece of artificial grass from a family's front garden.

The liar tore off the fake turf before escaping.

At Haywood's home, 25-year-old Courtney Henderson shared this bizarre incident with her family, and he was captured by a camera.

On Monday morning, when her mother woke her up, she found that the plastic grass had been stolen.

"My mother opened the curtains and wanted to know where the grass went?" Courtney said.

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"She was really confused at first and called my dad and asked him if he knew why someone stole the grass.

"They really didn't leave anything except grass. It's really weird because it's like the smallest piece of grass ever."

Courtney said she had talked about it with the neighbor next door, who shared footage of the theft at around 9pm on Sunday night (November 7).

She added: "You can see a person walking by with a can in his hand. He saw the garden and decided to pick the grass."

"It was around 9 o'clock in the evening, just like an hour after my dad came in. I was really sitting behind the curtain on the sofa.

"I don't think anyone wants to sell it, because it is the smallest thing ever, worth about 100 pounds at most.

"When we showed people the grassy pictures, they started laughing because they couldn't understand why someone would steal such a small thing."

Courtney, who runs his own beauty business, shared camera footage online in an attempt to track down the thief.

"I just don't understand how no one sees a person walking down the street with a roll of straw," he said.

"His walking posture is obvious, wearing a bucket hat. There must be someone who knows this person, because there can't be so many people walking around Hopewood with cans and bucket hats."

Courtney said she and her family are playing down the situation, although it will take some time to resolve.

"Really, you have to smile," she added

"My father actually only put the grass down a month or two ago, and my mother kept telling him that he obviously didn't put the grass down because someone just lifted it up.

"We laughed at it all the time because my mom was too picky, so it was perfect for her, and when it was finally done the way she wanted, it was taken away.

"My father took a long time to perfect it and how he will start over. He hasn't found time to replace it.

"But he won't hear the ending. We really laughed at it all the time because it was incredible."

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