Luxurious Thiolon artificial turf with perfect stem shape, football turf

Features:1) Applied for Infilled/non infilled/FIFA/commercial soccer, football field, sports Grass and Multipurpose sports field.2) Very high Dtex and density, Durable, extreme high sports performance with unique technology3) Perfect skin protection, free of harmful materials4) Healthy, en

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1) Applied for Infilled/non infilled/FIFA/commercial soccer, football field, sports Grass and Multipurpose sports field.
2) Very high Dtex and densityDurable, extreme high sports performance with unique technology
3) Perfect skin protection, free of harmful materials
4) Healthy, environmental, odourless, comfortable, safety
5) Good water permeability
6) Anti-UV, anti-rust, anti-mildew
7) Easy installation and maintenance

Product Spec.
Grass ModeMS Pro
Yarn count12000 Dtex
Yarn contentmonofilament yarn from Tencate Thiolon Holland
Yarn thickness(μm)120~130
ColorField green\olive green
Color fastnessDIN 54004    7 grade
U/V indicatorsDIN 53387    ≥6000 hr
Yarn height50mm(1.96inch)±3%
Gauge (inch)3/4
Stitches rate per 10cm (cross direction)20±1nr
Tufts density (tufts/sq.m)10500
Yarn weight(g/sq.m)1100
Material (weight) of basic cloth (g/sq.m)100g PP single backing cloth+120g net cloth  ±8%
Material of glueLatex compound with a base of styrene-butadiene
Weight of glue (g/sq.m)1150 ±10%
Diameter of air holes (mm)3~5  ±1mm
Amount of air holes (/sq.m)30~90(according to the customers' requirements)
Production process (DIN 6115)Tufting
Total weight (g/sq.m)2400±5%
Roll length 25m(82feet) (below 100m(328feet),according to the customers' requirements)                     
Roll width 4m(13.1feet) 
Lead Time14 working days after receipt the payment down
LoadingFor 20GP - load approx 2200-2600sqm artificial landscaping grass, 4000sqm artificial football grass .
For 40HQ - load approx 4600-5000sqm landscaping grass, 7500sqm football grass

Other description
1) Yarn: Double S/Stem/Diamond/Oval/M/S/C/3-X parabolic heat reflective W Shape Monofilament PE
2) Backing:Single/double

Forest Grass - The Best Artificial Grass Manufacturer You Are Looking For!
1. Professional in artificial grass and grass yarn area for over 16 years.                                    
2. Professional consultant teams and installation support.
3. NINE tufting machines and nine production lines to ensure stable daily output.
4. Producing yarn by ourself, Best quality & price at source.
5. ODM and OEM Provided; Forestgrass available from 6mm to 70mm! Any color, any density we can replicate for you.
6. Artificial grass sales are more than Five Million sqm in 2017.
7. Free artificial grass samples for quality check.

The projects of football pitch turf are in Japan, Greece, Honduras, Thailand, Vietnam, etc.,
Stem Shape Perfect Luxury Thiolon Artificial Lawn, Football Turf

Stem Shape Perfect Luxury Thiolon Artificial Lawn, Football Turf
Stem Shape Perfect Luxury Thiolon Artificial Lawn, Football Turf

Our Story
We are Forest Grass has been a professional manufacturer of artificial grass in China since 2002. We have been working on R&D synthetic yarn and weaving technology to cater the changing market for more than 16 years experiences. Our Goal is not only providing products, but also providing a complete solution including the product design, tooling, manufacture and service for our clients to achieve their satisfaction, the clients came from 63 countries, the brands trust us, such as Adeo, Sodimac, Carrefour, Wal-mart, Uncle Bills and Evergreen (UK) etc.,

1. The packing must be rolled on the cardboard core tightly and neatly. In this way, grass can keep good shape during the transportation, won't be wrinkled or damaged. 
2. Packed in roll - coverd with PE film or PP bag outside, color can be customised.
3. Roll width can be 4m/ 2m/ 1m, length can be 20m-70m according to different grass, our regular roll size is 4m x 25m (100sqm) and 2m x 25m (50sqm) 

Stem Shape Perfect Luxury Thiolon Artificial Lawn, Football Turf

How to install the grass?
Prepare Natural Ground for Artificial Turf ( If on cement floor, please start from 2)
1.Remove any existing grass with a flat shovel or turf cutter.
2.Compact the ground with a vibrating plate compactor.
3.Lay a non-woven cloth over the ground.

Lay the Artificial Grass 
4.Cut the roll of artificial turf into lengths that fit the shape of your yard.
5.Lay the turf over the area in its permanent place. Make sure adjoining seams fit together without any visible gaps, but do not overlap them.
6.Cut the edges of the artificial turf to fit the edges of the lawn. Use a utility knife to cut the grass from its underside.

Adhere the Joints
7.Peel back the joints between the artificial grass strips along their length. Reveal enough of the underlying ground to fit the joint tape with an inch or two to spare on each side.
8.Lay the joint tape in the gap you have created so that, when laid, the seam between the two adjacent strips of artificial turf will run down its middle.
9.Paint the joint tape with the glue.
10.Lay the edges of the adjoining artificial grass pieces over the joint tape and adhesive so that they are in their original and permanent position. Weigh the joint down with sandbags.
11.Repeat for each of the joints in the turf.

Options for Adhering the Edges of the Artificial Grass
12.Nail down the edges of artificial turf on natural ground.
13.Apply the joint tape around the edges of artificial turf laid over concrete. (See step 10)

Spread the Infill (If Required)
14.Spread the recommended amount of infill evenly over the artificial grass.
15.Rake the infill over the artificial turf to work it underneath the surface.
16.Allow it to settle overnight.
17.Spread and rake in more infill if necessary, until the space between the sub layer and the bottom of the artificial grass is filled.

Stem Shape Perfect Luxury Thiolon Artificial Lawn, Football Turf

1,Where can I use this grass ?
A: Artificial grass is multifunctional, it can be used for sports like football, golf , soccer, futsal ... as well as landscaping, garden, balcony, school ....ect, you can use it as real grass to decorate anythere you want. For different usage, pls ask us freely for suitable recommendation.
2,How many years warranty I can get ?
A: It various from 8 to 15 years for different quality level, we will take care of any problems during the warranty.

3, Why there are so many different pile height and how should i make choice ?
Pile is the term for the upright blades on synthetic turf.  These can be cut at different heights (e.g. 40-
50-60 mm) according to different usages. Usually for football/soccer/futsal grass, we recommend with
45mm-60mm height; for landscaping grass and garden grass, 25mm-40mm; for wedding for some one-off
usage, 10mm. If you are not sure which type of grass to choose, feel free to contact us!
4,MOQ and Loading infomation .
A:MOQ is 500 sqm, but trial order is also no problem for starting . 
For 20GP - load approx 2200-2600sqm artificial landscaping grass, 4000sqm artificial football grass .
For 40HQ - load approx 4600-5000sqm landscaping grass, 7500sqm football grass.
Loading quantity is decided by grass specifications and packing ways.
5,Is it difficult to install artificial grass/synthetic grass/artifical turf ?
A:It's quite easy, we can provide you with full set accessories and professional guidance.

Contact us, you could get more information within 18 hours.

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