Odell Beckham begs the NFL to follow soccer's example: "Get rid of that turf all fkngether!" | Marca

2022-10-08 18:26:36 By : Ms. Jane Chan

The free agent wide receiver suffered as he saw Sterling Shepard succumb to another knee injury: "It hurts my heart!" The use of turf as opposed to grass has been a hot debate in the NFL.

O dell Beckham has had a potential Hall of Fame career halted in its tracks due to numerous injuries throughout the years. So seeing Sterling Shepard suffer his same fate on the MetLife artificial turf on Monday Night against the Cowboys stroke a chord with him.

The free agent wide receiver went on social media to express his frustrations and took aim at MetLife Stadium and the NFL: "Just get rid of it all the fkngether bro. Billions made off this game I can't understand why we can't play on grass. That sh*t is rough. Prayers up for my brother. Sh*t just hurt my heart".

OBJ followed his comments with an example of what could be done: following the example of soccer. The world's most popular sport is overwhelmingly played on natural grass, something that Odell Beckham wishes would be the case for the NFL. "Sh*t is for longevity and health, not to say that ACL (injuries) don't, won't or can't happen on grass, but grass fields are a little more forgiving. Exactly, soccer fields is what we all love to play on".

Odell Beckham has suffered 17 injuries throughout his professional career in the NFL, and two of them of were grade 3 ACL tears.

John Harbaugh alerted the world that the MetLife turf was particularly troublesome. The Ravens head coach spoke after Baltimore's victory over the Jets (who share their stadium with the Giants): "That (MetLife Stadium) turf was matted down, it was packed down, it was a little tight. Maybe that's how it's supposed to be. I don't know, but that's what I saw. It was a little tough."

Andy Reid, who lost two players to injuries on turf in Week 1, but in Arizona, was also critical of the NFL's use of artificial grass. The topic of natural grass versus artifical turf has been a long topic of debate in the NFL, with many franchises opting for a hybrid model of both.

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